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Do I own the rights to the song I write using Writertracks' music?

Yes. Once you record a vocal with your copyrightable melody, the song is yours. You can pitch it to publishers, sell it on itunes, record a CD. Help Copyrighting a Song

Do I own the tracks I purchase?

No. You own a license to use the track. Our License Agreement You may not sell it or any part of it without a vocal recording. In other words you cannot edit a section and claim you changed it and is now your creation. We understand there are instrumental sections of the song that won't have a vocal over it. i.e. Intros or Instrumental solos. Writertracks owns and has proof of ownership to all tracks in our library.

Can I sell the songs I write using Writertracks music?

Yes, as long as you have a vocal recorded along with the purchased track. For example, you may sell it on a CD or EP, iTunes, CD Baby.

Can I copyright the songs I write using Writertracks' music?

Yes. Help Copyrighting a Song

U.S. Copyright Office

What if I write a song and it becomes hit? Do I owe Writertracks any money?

First of all, Congratulations! You will not owe Writertracks any money. In reality, the track will be reproduced anyway. Our goal is to help you write the song by inspiring you through our song templates.

Can someone else purchase the same tracks I purchase?

Yes. You are purchasing a non-exclusive license. Our License Agreement

How can I use Writertracks' templates but get a song that sounds different?

Our Customizable Tracks are rhythm and groove based which leaves ample opportunity to add instruments such as guitar and keyboards. By doing this you are assured of a unique track. Customize My Track

May I use the same license to write more than one song?

You may by a license one time and write as many songs to it as you wish. You may not allow another writer to use it.

I can't get the preview music to play. What's wrong?

If you are using Firefox you will not be able to play the preview tracks. Firefox will not play mp3s. If you are using Chrome, it may need to updated. We test these previews on a daily basis. If you have checked the obvious things, like speaker volume, and you still can't play the previews contact us.

I've downloaded the track. How do I get my demo?

You can burn it to CD, or transfer it to a flash drive, or import it into your DAW i.e. Garage Band. Then you can either take it to a recording studio (professional or home set-up) and record your voice or another singer's voice.

You can also send us the lyrics and name of the track and let us add a professional singer. AddSinger

I only have words. Can Writertracks create a demo for me?

Yes. contact us. Demos start at $199

I can't find a track I like. How do I get a music track?

You can send us a You Tube link to a song you like. contact usWe would make a generic track based around that style, key, tempo, etc. It would be rhythm section only, like our customizable tracks. This is $49 and will take about 2 weeks to finish.

Can you change the key of the track?

No, but we can remake some of the tracks. But you would need to contact us first.