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Imagine reversing the traditional songwriting process of writing lyrics then putting music to those lyrics. Writertracks allows the songwriter to listen to music first, then put lyrics to that music. Writertracks is a cost effective way to get music for your lyrics. Go to Template Categories

Music Tracks Waiting for Your Lyrics

Start writing your song in a matter of minutes. Our ever expanding music library is designed to help songwriters start and complete their songs. You can use our full length song templates to write lyrics and a melody that can be copyrighted. You can listen to our music tracks as often as you want for FREE. We have backing tracks waiting for your lyrics.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you

Vocal Guide Tracks

Writertracks has recently introduced Vocal Guide tracks to our library. When you purchase a song template (music track) from our music library you will also receive the Vocal Guide track FREE! This Vocal Guide track is an addition download just like the music track you purchased, but it has a voice on the track that tells you when there is a verse, a chorus, a bridge etc.